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How to find a wedding photographer

How to find a wedding photographer

The photographs you have taken for your wedding are among the most important you will ever have taken and you want to make sure that they are of the best quality that you can get. So here’s a list of the steps you can take to get high quality photographs.

wedding photography

1. What style of photography  do you want?

Do you want traditional photography with posed pictures or more spontaneous shots, or both

2.What do you want photographed?

Do you just want photographs of the ceremony itself or before and after as well? Some people like to have all the preparations photographed as well

3. How many pictures do you want?

Some photographers will not take that many pictures, others will take thousands.

4. How much processing do you want to do?

Do you want to receive the photographs in a raw format or for them to be processed or put into a book? Obviously the more work you want doing on them the more it will cost.

5. Decide on your budget.

There is no point looking for a top end photographer if you can’t afford it

6 How do you want to use the pictures

Do you want them just as an album for yourself, or to give to friends or to go on walls?

7 How do you want to get your pictures

Do you want to receive them as negatives, as prints, on disk, in an album.

8 Do you research

Ask  friends, and people involved in the wedding business – bridal shops, venue managers etc. Look at their websites,inquire at bridal shops and with the management of the ceremony and reception sites you have chosen.

9 Make a shortlist

Choose a list of photographers in your area who fit your budget and seem up to standard

10 More research

Look at samples of work and ask for references and call those references to check they are not fake ones.

11. Interview shortlisted candidates on the phone

Make sure you speak on the phone to each of your shortlisted candidates, ask about their experience, and about their liability insurance in particular. Remove any from the list you’re not happy with

12. Meet all remaining candidates face to face

See if they make you feel at ease and how polite they are. Ask to see their shot list which most wedding photographers should have.

13. Choose a photographer and sign a contract

14. Confirm

Make sure you confirm, a few months and a few weeks before the wedding, you don’t want to be left in the lurch.

Here’s some more tips on becoming a wedding photographer.


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